The first retrospective
chocolate exhibition of
BVLGARI Il Cioccolato

BVLGARI Il Cioccolato 
Retrospettiva 2015 

ブルガリ イル・チョコラート回顧展

"BVLGARI Il Cioccolato" will present
the first retrospective chocolate exhibition
at Bulgari Ginza Tower
from January 17th to February 14th 2015.

This will be a special retrospective 
on the history of "BVLGARI Il Cioccolato",
 showing 100 varieties of handmade
chocolates called "Chocolate Gems" 
 - like its gemstones jewelry -.

Its “Chocolate Gems” are edible, 
and which have been making 
at its own atelier in Tokyo since 2007. 

Each one uses top ingredients and
is meticulously crafted by professional chocolatiers.

The exhibition is divided into five sections 
based on the chocolates’ history and food culture, 
including  “Gianduja”,  “Italian Culinary Art”, 
“Blossom”, “WA”
and “Limited Edition Gems and Boxes”. 

Included a range of flavors 
such as matcha and white truffle.

This exhibition is curated by 
a chocolate and culinary culture specialist.


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Retrospective Chocolate Exhibition
BVLGARI Il Cioccolato 
Retrospettiva 2015

ブルガリ イル・チョコラート回顧展」 

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, 
Tokyo Restaurants

Bulgari Ginza Tower 
8th floor
2-7-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN
TEL:+81 3 6362 0555 

Entrance is for free. 
Visit the website for more information.

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